Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Retreating, and Opening, In Relationships

Relationships, I find, provide the richest material for personal growth and evolution. They test us, inspire us, drive us crazy, and ultimately, everything in life boils down to relationships of one kind or another.

This Summer I experienced one of the biggest tests of relationship, as I went through a heartbreaking "divorce" (we weren't married legally and it sure felt like a divorce!!) It was his decision, and while it was very painful, now many months later I can see it's a darn good thing! The best part is I have been provided with a rich plethora of material that is influencing my work in a very positive way.

And it led me to retreat, where for 3 days I immersed myself in yoga, meditation and kirtan chanting. Ahh, it was bliss! Reconnecting to the value and power of retreat was a gift, and it got me thinking.

What are the ways in which we retreat, and open, in relationship? When we retreat is it a good thing, or not? Gay and Kathleen Hendricks talk a lot about the natural separation and coming together that occurs in a healthy relationship-in this context, retreating would be a good thing.

Many habits and ingrained behaviours can cause unhealthy, and sometimes co-dependant dynamics in our relationships. Are you ready to take a break, a retreat, from all that? Are you ready to learn new ways and find joy in your relationships?

I invite you to take part in a 6 week tele-series "Loving Ourselves While Loving Others". Take a break from trying to figure it all out yourself, and step into a new way of doing things.
This series will meet 1x a week, for 1-1/2 hrs, starting Nov 3rd and going till Dec 6th , 2009 at 4PM MST (just in time for the holidays and being with the family!). This interactive, exploratory, revealing and inspiring experience will provide you with tools for better communication, taking self responsibility, and shifting to a healthy, co-creative dynamic with your loved ones, and all those you relate to. Each week you will be invited to take retreat, as you explore Loving Yourself While Loving Others.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Take a Retreat and Detoxify your Soul by Certified Coach/Retreat Leader Victoria FittsMilgrim

We live in a world that is speeding up at exponential proportions. Whirling and swirling, racing on the Hamster Wheel, and continually multi-tasking are not the state human beings were meant to be in. On many levels our hormones respond to this lifestyle by continually being in an over-stimulated state, creating many levels of imbalances and toxicity in our lives. Connecting with what truly matters to us is very difficult, if not impossible, when living your life this way. Here’s a solution that can restore you and bring you back to a centered and joyful way of being: Guided Retreats!

Many people live in a state where they are just reacting to life and feel they have no control or sense of being in charge. When we are on this path of being outer-directed, it’s common to lose track of who you are, what you value and where you’re headed. At this time in our history, more than ever, we are being called upon to re-center ourselves in a healthy way for the sake of our individual lives, the lives we touch and the future of our planet. We are being called to discover what will nourish and sustain us in order to redesign our lives to be meaningful and fulfilling.

In order to do this, we must step away from the Hamster Wheel. There needs to be not just a psychological separation but also a physical separation from all the hooks we have in us from our family, friends and work/life commitments. Taking a retreat is about creating the sacred time and space – described by the Greek word Kairos – to hear your own voice, your True voice deep inside. This is the voice of your authentic self who knows what you value and the dreams that will bring real fulfillment to your life. As author Joan Borysenko, author of Your Soul's Compass put it, "To get clarity of vision on your life, you have to get away from it". If clarity is what you seek, Retreats are the answer.

Along with partaking in treatments to detoxify your physical body, one must also reach into the Heart and Soul of your life to gain more clarity and wisdom for the journey forward. This process, of detoxifying your Soul – or closing your Power Leaks – is possible when guided by a skilled Retreat Leader. Understanding how you leak your own power, whether via weight issues driven by low esteem, creating negative relationships via unskilled communication, or endless people-pleasing, is the first step to making empowering change towards more well-being. Look for an experienced Retreat Leader that can help you find personalized strategies for effective action.

Engaging in activities that use your right brain - the center of your imagination, intuition and creativity - helps you find new perspectives and revelations about how to live a life where you are aligned with your True self. Some of these inspiring activities include reflection, creative self-expression through art, movement and song, meditation, and focused time in nature. The natural world is often the path home to ourselves. In our busy, overtaxed culture we forget to connect with the beauty and acceptance we find there. We can avail ourselves of the clarity and insights that are available when we return to nature. It is a Source of rejuvenation for our Soul.

Each one of us has the potential to be a genius (yes, really!) as we bring our unique gifts to the world. Learning how to consciously choose our actions, in line with our deepest values creates a life on purpose with deep meaning. When you live this internally-directed way, unconditional success if possible. You are aligned with the abundance all around us and experience synchronicity and magic on a daily basis. Life is a golden adventure, a joyful dance with everyone and everything. Happiness is accessible at any moment, not something you have to wait for. Isn’t this the life that calls to your deepest self? Take a step in service to your True Life and gift yourself with a Retreat now.

Victoria FittsMilgrim, PCC directs True Life Coaching & Retreats in Durango, CO. With over 25 years in the field of personal transformation she has been a Certified Coach/Retreat Leader since 2002. Her retreats offer a safe, loving and fun environment to come home to your True Self. She is the real deal when it comes to sustainable and positive personal change. Find out more about Victoria and her retreat offerings for 2009 at http://www.truelifecoach.net/.

Monday, February 2, 2009

New Year with New Challenges

With January gone I now have time to resume blogging. How amazing life can be with unpredictable challenges arriving without any prior notice. 2009 came quietly for me and although there was predicted doom and gloom surrounding me, I had counted my good fortune and reflected on how I should be careful but be positive and trusting that the universe would supply me with all that I required.

How wonderful to see the first snowdrop in January and then the February snow that lay it's carpet over everything. The season is winter after all and why do we presume that global warming has forbidden nature's gift of a nurturing blanket of snow to arrive.Is there a reason to blame the authorities for being unable to keep the roads and motorways clear. We must accept that there is a much larger force able to send us challenges that are in the scheme of things, minor and slightly troublesome.What a wonderful day for having family fun; children and sleighs, snowballs and snowboarding and the birds attracted to my garden to find food supplied with love.The UK may have been forced to stop for a day but how small an inconvenience.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Reflections from a Personal Retreat

I LOVE taking time away from my day to day life on retreat. In the past few years I have taken many and each time I have been astounded by the results: renewal, clarity, and centeredness.

The farther I get from my last retreat, the more I forget the benefits. If I slow down though, I notice some tell-tails signs that a retreat would be a great thing:

I feel restless and unable to focus.

I find myself out of touch with my creativity.

I am looking for a breakthrough of some kind that does not present itself easily.

I hear the call - there is really no other way to say it.

Where do I go on retreat? It depends. I have taken off for some solo camping at one of my favorite spots on the planet - Cumberland Island, I have booked a few nights at a cabin within an hour or so of my home, and most recently I headed to Savannah for four days. The opportunity to spend some quiet time reflecting and kicking off writing of book two in The Woman's Field Guide series popped up when a gracious family member said, "Come on down! The house is all yours!"

As I arrived in the land of live oaks and inter-coastal waters, I immediately settled in to a retreat rhythm. No agenda, no have-to's, and no work to do. I took long strolls under Spanish moss canopies, I wrote as words flowed and honored the process when they paused. I ate light and simple, drank lots of water, wandered at dusk.

It is truly amazing to me the clarity that sparkled in areas of my life I was not expecting and the exhale I felt from some physical challenges that have been up for me. Every retreat I have ever taken has provided its own splendid gifts.

Clients ask me, why take a retreat? It is honest to say that I find it nearly impossible to give language to all the benefits. My response to their question, "In order to answer that question you must take a retreat and find out!"

- Corrie Woods, www.womansfieldguide.com

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Weekend Woman's Retreat

Please take a few minutes to watch this retreat video! The photos are from a fabulous fall woman's retreat in Skaneateles,NY. ENJOY the moments experienced by wise women caring for themselves! Song "Woman Am I" is by our beloved leader Helene VanManen. The women loved the power this song had for them.

This retreat was co-led by "The New York Retreat Coaches" Judith Geiger and Linda Potter!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Harvesting Hope
Igniting Hope and Possibilities in Challenging Times

I hope this finds everyone well and in good spirits. There is an event coming up that I want to share with you, and invite you to join. It is a special event for me in that it is born out of my own life experiences and I share it with you in hopes that you may have an easier journey if you find yourself in troubling times.

Life is not always easy, and when those moments arrive that turn our world upside down having resources available and skills already in place to help get us through can be our only saving grace.

"Harvesting Hope", a special tele-class event (meaning anyone, anywhere can attend!), is my offering to you during the Fall Harvest season. If you're finding yourself in need of a little boost, or if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by changes happening, consider joining me on Wed, Oct 15th, for "Harvesting Hope".

What do you do when it seems nothing is going right, and your world is crumbling down around you?

How do you hold on to all that you know is true with out tumbling into despair?

This one hour program will explore the many possibilities in choosing hopefulness and trust, vs fear and depression, and will provide concrete steps to staying strong in the midst of turmoil, chaos or sudden change.

Learn valuable tips for maintaining balance, staying healthy and positive, and how not to let the big stuff bring you all the way down.

Great for those in the midst of transition, suffering a new loss, or challenged by the curve balls life is throwing them.

Go here for more information.
Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's that time - time to register for The Savvy Savory Self-Care Retreat

Registration for the fall '08 Savvy Savory Self-Care Retreat is now open!

This is our most popular retreat and space is limited.
Will one of the spaces be yours?

After years of holding women's circles and conducting women's self-care retreats, I am powerfully reminded that when women embrace holistic self-care as a way of being, their lives are transformed for the better.

Each retreat offers up something new, reflecting the combined wisdom of all women who have been in circle with me and my expertise in self-care coaching.

Here is what I want you to know - this retreat is not for everyone. It requires three days of your time, a weekend away from family, a commitment to come open and hungry for growth and learning and support, a willingness to connect in meaningful ways with women from around the country who will gather in this circle. - Sounds pretty enticing, doesn't it?

Who this retreat is perfect for: Women who are committed to find greater balance, women wanting to take a time our for fun and reflection, women who are aching for ways and support to take better care of themselves, women who are willing to explore the idea that the best way to care of those around you and to take care of our world - is to begin by taking extraordinary care of you!

"It’s hard to imagine how I could have and hold in my heart the love, stillness, peace, and affirmation I received over the weekend. I can only hope to be able to return some of that good love and energy to others." Eve McClennen

I came looking for a retreat experience from a fellow coach. I left with a new sense of clarity about my inner self and how that affects everything in my life – health, relationships, career, home. What a beautiful gift! - Sharon Hayes

This weekend was one of the most loving gifts I’ve ever given to myself. - Liza Tapia Vaughan

Much more than I could have even imagined! Marvelously organized and planned. So very beneficial at many levels. Can’t wait until the next one! Highly recommended! – Elizabeth Bowers

Date: November 7th - 9th, 2008

Where: Western NC at the magical Bend of Ivy Lodge (30 minutes from Asheville).

Size: Space is limited to 16 amazing women

Your Self-Care Investment: $495 - includes two nights at the magical Bend of Ivy Lodge in the western North Carolina mountain, all meals featuring the freshest in gourmet organic cooking, all materials, guest self-care instructors, surprise goodies.

Optional: A massage therapist will be on site

Added Bonus: Two Group Coaching Follow-up Calls

Feeling curious? Want to know more? Watch the slide show.

Download a Flier and/or come on over to the website for all the details.

Corrie Woods, author of The Woman's Field Guide to Exceptional Living, Self-Care Coach and Certified Retreat Coach


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Coach Victoria leads Quest for Your Authentic Leader


What a thrill to see a vision that began nearly 20 years ago when I did my first Vision Quest happen! It goes to show that we don't necessarily know how or when our vision will become real -- but if we hold it and nurture it and it aligns with our purpose, there's a really good chance it will happen!
In the mountains of northwest New Mexico near Taos - which is one of the most beautiful areas of the southern Rockies - I led the Quest for Your Authentic Leader Retreat in late July. It was held at Vallecitos Mountain Refuge, a non-profit meditation center dedicated to bringing more mindfulness to the planet. I discovered this awesome place, just 3 hours from my front door, last October and took a mini-adventure there to see if it fit the criteria I needed for my retreat.

Well, I instantly fell in love with the place - it has all the unique and beautiful characteristics I look for in a sanctuary: gorgeous meadows of wildflowers, lots of pine and aspen forests, comfortable lodging in cabins and yurts, a river running through it... the list goes on! So, trusting Spirit would send the right women - I booked it!
And I have to say - Spirit sent not just the right women but the most wonderful women I could imagine. Women ready to look at their own vision of leadership. Women who were generous and caring and held each other with so much compassion. Women who walked to the edge with each other and themselves - for the sake of their dreams of what life on this planet can be for everyone. And here they are!

We ate the most delicious vegetarian food, hiked the meadows, danced our authentic selves and created art that represented who we are as Leaders.

Here are a few comments from the participants:

"I learned much more deeply how my life has shaped the gifts, talents and skills that I can use to realize my vision."

"The purification ceremony before our Quests was very moving for me. To see each woman get in the river and say out loud what she was intentionally leaving behind that no longer served her, had me saying to myself 'Yeah!' I'm leaving that behind too!"

"As a leader, I found the 'What Stops You?' exercise powerful and enlightening. I noticed the payoff I get from stopping doesn't make up for what I'm losing out on by stopping myself."

Each woman set an intention and had a whole day on her Quest to sit in her discovered spot on the land, being with herself and the wonders of nature. Upon returning we had a night of ritual sharing about their Quests and what wisdom they returned with 'for the people'. Sitting in the lamplight watching each woman describe her experience and her learning will be something I will hold in my heart for a long, long time. I am so proud of their willingness to be vulnerable and the strength they gained from doing it.

So What about your Leadership? Do you lead authentically? What themes and patterns from your life inform who you are as a leader today? What gets in the way? What would you like to see grow in yourself this year around being the Leader you were born to be?

Contact me if you want to talk about your answers to these
questions. While the next Leadership Quest won't be until next year, you don't have to wait to find your Authentic Leader. I am available for coaching or custom retreats to support your journey.
To your True Life,
Coach Victoria
P.S. If you haven't gotten your share of learning and fun this summer, there are still a few spaces on my BEING IN THE FLOW River Rafting Retreat, September 4-8 out of Grand Junction, CO. Call now to save your spot on the river!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Retreat with Folks You'd Most Love to Learn with and Play With!

Coach Helene sets the stage by regularly offering this kind of high-level learning/adventure/fun retreating. Whether it is a training for Retreat Coaches or a journey of discovery while splashing down the wilds of a Colorado river, she is always cooking up retreats that stretch she and her participants into new territory.

This brings up a recent experience on this front that I've had. While I am a huge advocate of taking time on personal retreat (see my free ebook Crafting a Personal Retreat), I do not see that exclusive of retreating with others. I love facilitating Self-Care Retreats and I love being a participant. In my mind - the more retreating the better, as it positively impacts all areas of my life.

On to my recent adventure ...

Imagine a small cluster of old cabins deep in the Colorado Rockies. There are natural hots springs to be visited day or evening. There is a momma bear and her cubs high in the trees just down a mountain trail. As a compliment to the natural beauty there is a small group of people from across the country who have gathered to tap into the wisdom of a favorite mentor, Mark Victor Hansen, to learn from one another, inspire each other, and play together. If you can imagine all this magic rolled up in four days you will find yourself peeking at my recent retreat adventure. And it doesn't stop there. My next retreat will be a day of play and brainstorming with my beloved MasterMind Group in Asheville, NC. I say, let the retreats flow!

Any day, any moment we can craft a retreat that serves us just right. We can design time alone, sign up for a retreat with a Certified Retreat Coach, or gather with people we admire and adore to blow the roof off our creativity play and learning. There are no limits, only perceived limits!

* Don't have time? Begin with a mini-retreat of a few hours.
* No money? A retreat can be a picnic in the mountains, a quiet spell at a park, or a special time with friends in your home.
* Feel too worn out to plan something? I think that would be a sure-fire sign a retreat is a must!

The question isn't, Should you take a retreat? More importantly and way more fun, the question is, When and where will your next retreat be?

Corrie Woods

Saturday, May 24, 2008

20 Retreat Coaches Gather in Colorado For Training and Retreating At the Foot of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains

Retreat Coaches from the United States, Canada and as far as Southern Spain gathered
at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Westcliffe Colorado to dance and grow their skills to lead their own retreats. Coach Helene Van Manen leads this retreat training each spring and it empowers women to develop their leadership skills so they can go back to their communities and combine their coaching with the retreat process

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


This past weekend I was honored to lead an amazing group of Moms in a self-care retreat in Southwest Colorado. Held in a beautiful home of a friend, we gathered on Saturday morning in a sacred circle to share about our children and about ourselves.
The day was a mixture of time together, listening and being heard, and time on the special land we have here in the southwest corner of the state - ancient land that holds a unique history of native people. It was a warm day and we hiked through fresh new sagebrush up a trail to a slick rock cliff where we took time alone to consider our lives as women and mothers.

One thing that stood out to me was how many Moms can get isolated and believe that their struggles are only their own. Being with others, in a safe circle, opens the door to sharing that may not otherwise take place. One hears another talk about perceived guilt around not doing enough (as if that were true!) and the woman eye's next to her widen as she recognizes herself and her own troubled thoughts. And then the support flows into this opening and the realization that giving is always there and the learning comes around receiving.

I hope that as Mother's Day approaches, you will see yourself and the love you give mirrored in those you give it to. Take time this Sunday to honor and celebrate how good you are at the world's most challenging and necessary job - raising our children.

And what about your own Self-Care? What will you commit to for the nurturing of yourself? Forget selfish!! When you take care of you, then you have the energy needed to care for others. And you are teaching them the value of themselves. Without self-worth, life is struggle. When we can honor everyone - and not leave ourselves out - we are modeling a sustainable way of life.

Here are the Moms with their newly planted flowers of self-care! Are they gorgeous or what?!!

My next retreat is called Quest for Your Authentic Leader and will be July 13-18 in the mountains of New Mexico. Oh Yes - You are All Leaders! So what is your vision of Leadership and how do you express and embody it? If you're being called on retreat, give me a call (970)259-9040 or email me victoria@truelifecoach.net and let's make it happen for you!

More info available at www.truelifecoach.net

Thursday, April 24, 2008

7 Reasons Wise Women Retreat

  • CHECK IN: When was the last time you checked in and asked yourself "What do I need today?" A retreat is a great place to step out of your ordinary routine and focus inward.
  • RE-ENERGIZE: your body, mind and spirit. Imagine how you would feel after a full afternoon or a whole weekend of self-care. Return to your world with a new vibrant energy.
  • SET AN INTENTION: Often when women come on a retreat, they set an intention to gain clarity on one part of their life and valuable insights can occur.
  • LET GO: What do you no longer want to carry around with you? How would it feel to leave behind part of the heavy load you drag around each day? Explore during the retreat ways to leave stress behind as you build toward an even more positive future.
  • CONNECTION: Meet wonderful women who support you through change or just make you laugh so hard your sides hurt.
  • MAKE NEW FRIENDS: Or connect with old ones in new ways. Women coming together for a day of sharing can experience great bonding.
  • TAKE NEW FOCUSED ACTION: Inspiration goes a long way in moving you toward the next step. What have you been longing to do?
"If it is a woman's nature to nurture, then she must nourish herself."
Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Gift yourself with a coaching retreat today! Flying Change Coaching

Friday, April 4, 2008

ARTrageous Goes to Chile!!

A Chilean Adventure

“New Lands -New Leadership”
Nov 5th-9th, 2008
Villarrica, Chile
South America

ARTrageous is so thrilled to announce its very first international adventure, taking place in the beautiful South Central region of Chile! We hope you will consider joining us for this once in a lifetime opportunity, where you can explore your creative leadership in the midst of splendid beauty, age-old culture and diverse humanity.

This special event is appropriate for men and women in leadership positions who want to hone their creative leadership skills, people in transition, those wanting to bring more play and adventure into their lives, and anyone with a personal vision or professional idea they want to develop.

We will invoke the leader in each of us to come forward in a playful, co-creative spontaneity to prepare you for the next important steps on the path of meaningful action.


to learn all about it!

The Setting

Our site, the exquisite Hosteria de la Colina, (http://www.hosteriadelacolina.com) is ranked one of Fodor’s top ten hotels in Chile (it’s really a B&B!). It sits in full view of the active, smoking Villarrica Volcano from across a beautiful lake. There are natural hot springs, plenty of hiking, mountain biking, native forests, cascading waterfalls, Villarica National Park and the old time charm of the Villarica city, all within close proximity. http://www.chile-travel.com/vilarica.htm

Coaches, healers, teachers, visionaries, managers, business owners, and artists can benefit from this unique and discovery based experience. No previous artistic experience is needed. In fact those who say “I don’t have a creative bone in my body!” will benefit the most from attending.

Early Bird Special Discounts
Take Advantage Now Before It’s to Late!

Be an early bird and take advantage of big savings!! Over $200! As one of the first 5 to register you will also have the ultimate opportunity to receive personalized coaching that will add incredible value to your ARTrageous Experience.

Go now to www.artrageouscamp.com/camps.htm and be a part of this exotic event that will bring forth your creative muse and help you to manifest next steps on your creative path.

I Hope You Will Join Us!

Join ARTrageous Co-founder and Master Certified Retreat Coach Margie Scott on this exciting adventure to new lands. Supported on the ground by Life Coach, and local resident, Linda Strauss, we promise a memorable and meaningful experience that you won’t soon forget.

“Here’s a chance to play into your life’s fullness and passion. Take it!”
(Jonah, young visionary and social activist)

“ARTrageous Camp is a delightful and comfortable place to explore your natural creativity, sense of play and authentic expression with yourself and others.”
(Lisa, author, workshop leader.)

ARTrageous! A Leadership and Creativity Event
Where the people are the palette and your life the canvas.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Virtual Retreats for an Inspiring Year 2008
"Mindful In March"
"Having spent time looking at our physical environment and our outer appearance in January and February. Today 16th March, we moved on to the thoughts and emotions that we are holding onto. Having spent time on how we present ourselves to the outer world, cleaned our clutter, made space in our house and in your life for more of what we most desire, we were ready. We stepped into what "mindfulness" meant for each of us.

The group of women on this retreat in the UK are very aware of March with the wind and rain and grey days. Mindfulness in March however allowed us to listen to our own voices.
Our first exercise was
  • Listen to the thoughts and voices in your head as we settle into our comfortable retreat space. Make a list of everyone's voice that you hear. Who is speaking to you? Who is telling you what you "should be" doing or thinking. Can you find your own voice? What is it wanting to say?
  • In our second hour we shared the discoveries of listening to our own voices and the amazement of the old voices that are still living inside us. We discovered that mindfulness meant " nothing really," " a buddhist concept" to " a word my old Scottish Grandmother used."
  • In the third hour we chose a simple activity which allowed us to deepen our thinking. One lady relaxed in her bath and another read a very old buddhist book that she had started reading in 2003. I pulled out all my water coloured paintings that I had thrown in the bottom of a cupboard and reviewed my skills. Our inner voices all became clearer! I realised that actually I do have a certain amount of talent and felt ready to pick up my artist's brush and create my future vision. The old voices of teachers ahd gone.

Next month we are looking at "April Showers". Join us as we look at how our emotions change like the weather! We will notice the colours as Spring bursts forth.

Warm wishes from a very grey English Sunday.

Dorothy Larios and the Rest of your Life Virtual Retreat Group

Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's all part of the process

I've just finished a couple of weeks of some pretty intensive work on three upcoming spring retreats. Because I was away in South Africa for three weeks - following on the heels of the Christmas and New Year's holidays - I had a lot of time-sensitive work to be done when I returned on the 28th of January.

I've known since last spring that I would do these retreats - two of them anyway. I booked one retreat center back then and the other in mid-December. When I booked the second retreat, I decided to tack on a one-day retreat for the Monday following the weekend.

My own creative process - which I have struggled to come to terms with over the years- goes like this: I get an idea, might jot down some notes, and then I just live with it. I call it "percolating". I don't give it active attention, I just allow it to "be" with me...somewhere inside my brain and heart and spirit. Sometimes when I'm on a walk, or if someone says just the right thing, it might get pushed forward into my awareness, and I'll think some more about it. To be perfectly honest, I'm totally comfortable with this until I get to a certain point (which is different every time) when I feel like I ought to be more clear. I will give myself a talking to about the "ought" and realize okay...I'd like to be more clear. But try as I might...if the creative muse isn't speaking, then I can't budge her. Generally, though, I'm happy enough to wait until that unpredictable magic moment when I can see and feel the outline for the retreat. Then, I get to work, sometimes fast and furiously, other times it's a more leisurely pace. It just depends on the creative flow, which I've learned to respect over time.

So, for these retreats I've gone through that process and have the outlines; I've done the web content, figured out the advertising and marketing, contacted the appropriate people for those things. I've turned over a lot of stones and although there may be one or two left unturned - I'd be surprised. I'm careful and methodical - something that has developed over the years as I've grown in my practice. So, I've done all of that - days of writing, re-writing, phoning, designing web pages, organzing the advertising, weighing all the options. And now? Now comes the hard part: Letting go.

I want this to be an encouraging read, so I'll cut to the chase here. My experience and faith tell me that the people who are supposed to be on my retreat will be there. So, once I can remember that, I am able to relax and uncurl my fingers from their tight grip on the outcome of this retreat. When I can do that, I am able to breathe deeply into the knowledge that a Higher Power leads the women who are a good fit for my message to my retreats. As I finish up my preparations for now (there will be so much more to do the couple of weeks before the retreats, as you well know), I have done my little dance with doubt and moved on. Now I am able to say: My Divine Mother is gathering the women. My retreats are full.

Now, when doubting and frightening thoughts pop into my head ("I have how much money out there in deposits?"), I can quickly recall my affirmation and move into gratitude. I can think about the fact that there are women an ocean away who are either being gently nudged toward my retreats, or they're being prepared to find them. I love that concept. And, it let's me get on with my other work. If I get stuck in worry about this, I am prevented from moving forward with other important work. I know how many women I'd like to have. I know how many women I need to have. We'll see how many women are chosen to journey together on these weekends.

It's my job to prepare and market my retreats as best I can, and to show up at them as my best, most professional, authentic self. Gathering the Women belongs to The Divine - which is really good news because She knows so many more women than I do!

I hope this post is helpful and encouraging.
Coach Maggie Butler

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Retreat Coach Training in Colorado with Helene Van Manen is now taking registrations

Join Master Coach Helene Van Manen for a special 6 day training May 13 - 18, 2008 This is your chance to immerse yourself in both a comprehensive hands-on training and your own personal retreat all in a majestic natural setting in Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The setting for the 2008 Retreat Coach Training is one of the most beautiful mountain settings on the planet - a real dude ranch!

Plan on growing yours skills and getting inspired to live the life and have the business as a Retreat Coach you dream of.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Who is Our Authentic Self and How Do We Find Her?

A New Year Retreat for Women
seeking to live more fully
with their most authentic selves

Embracing Our Fullest Selves
The Quest for Women’s Empowerment
Jan 25th-27th, 2008
The Incarnation Center
Ivoryton, CT

The journey of seeking the authentic self is a courageous one. Being authentic requires honesty, transparency, confidence and certainty, as well as a commitment to stepping outside of the box. When we learn to live from the center of our authentic selves we are able to be clearer and more effective in our communication, leadership and personal relationships.

Utilizing visualization, mediation and other high powered creative processes you will map a journey back to your truest, happiest, most authentic self by identifying blocks and old messages that keep you stuck. With these new understandings you can become empowered to make new choices that support the merging of your bliss with your life’s work.

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Facilitated by Coach Margie Scott
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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Beginning in January 2008, self-care retreats get even better!

A wise gathering of women, the intimacy of a small group, the commitment to come together from far and wide into a sacred retreat circle ... this and more is a Self-Care Coaching Circle in the making.

Beginning in January 2008 the ripple of Self-Care Coaching Circles out into the world will begin.

What is a
Self-Care Coaching Circle?

I can begin answering that by asking a few other questions ...
How many women do you know who feel overwhelmed, out of breath in their lives, or a bit foggy?
What about ... unclear about big decisions, a bit banged up by lots of changes in their lives, discontent?
Do you ever hear the words -
I'll take better care of myself when ... My family comes first ... I should eat better, exercise more, play more ...

These are tell-tail signs that self-care may be lacking. And yet how to make practicing fabulous self-care a priority when so many things get in the way, including our stories about why we can't?

One answer: come together with a small group of amazing women in a group coaching environment for a three month journey of fun and self-discovery. Together we'll explore what gets in our way of taking great care of ourselves, the price we pay when we don't, and we'll craft individual self-care recipes that support us in making lasting and joyful changes.

The format Options:
Virtual retreat circles or Face-to-face gatherings 2 times per month for three months, lasting 1 1/2 hours each / beginning January 8th, 2008.
Ongoing support between our gatherings
Opportunities to work with Buddies to dive deeper
To learn more go to: www.womansfieldguide.com

A coaching retreat -
magic, possibilities, shining brightly, diving deeply, breathing in and out and in and out to the depths of our toes and the tippy-top of our heads, stretch, play, self-discovery ... authenticity

coming in all shapes and sizes
indoors / outdoors
stillness and silence / dance and song

A coaching retreat -
prepared to be surprised, prepare to be inspired
prepare to be you!

- Corrie Woods
Learn more about upcoming retreats at www.womansfieldguide.com

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Firelight and Candles Retreat led by Judith Geiger

Alchemy Boxes and the Women who created them.

At this Firelight and Candles Retreat all of the women truly shined brighter than any of the other lights in the room. They were women who let their internal lights shine. Each one supported the other to self-discover and self-develop.

Each alchemy box was created to be an expression of themselves, to serve as a reminder of what they want to bring into their lives in 2008. Inside they stored treasures and ideas that will be a reflection (through out the year) of what is important to them.

When women step away from everyday life and come together in "circle", often a compassionate dialogue occurs. They are able to intuitively know what each other needs. That is exactly what this group did. Supported each other, cared about each other and I could feel the love grow in a very short time. I was honored to witness the unfolding.

Judith Geiger Flying Change Coaching

Check out my year long virtual program with two virtual retreats included. Judith's web site.

Friday, November 16, 2007

My First Year as
Coach Diane

September 2006 was the launch of my dream to become a retreat coach. In the Summer of 2006, I ran across Helene's website. I had resurrected my "retreat" dream earlier that year, but found this opportunity quite by accident. Two days after having major surgery, I started my retreat coach tele class and made plans to hold my first retreat. I suddenly realized why I had spent years collecting "tools" and as I learned from Helene and my new network, found the motivation to compile and organize all my resources. I held my first retreat on November 12, 2006, with an advisory board of beautiful and powerful women. One year later, I held my one year celebratory, gratitude retreat with the same group of fabulous women.
In between those two momentous dates, I created a place within myself that nurtures the space for women to retreat. The list of my accomplishments includes very concrete activities such as writing a business plan, implementing a business system (banking, savings, etc), printing business cards, designing and writing newsletters, creating electronic resource files, and organizing a variety of tool kits. I also had to learn to work creatively and collaboratively with my husband to design a website that is both simple and beautiful.
The activities which have sustained, nurtured and helped me grow, though, are much more difficult to describe and define. In February at the in-person training, I created a manifestation board that is so close to my heart, I can look at it on any one day and see my life. I started a business journal, which contains the most creative ideas I have ever had and that pour out of my soul onto the paper as easily as water slips down a mountain stream. I can not wait to get home every day and check my email for the retreat coach group emails because I know that each and every one will bring new inspiration. The opportunities to see and experience the immediate world around me have increased exponentially because I am paying attention. And because I am paying attention, I have tried things I would not have thought possible before this (see the picture of me, completely afraid of heights, on top of a fire tower in Wyoming). Eight retreats have been born and each one is a gift from me.... to me.
When I look at the last 18 months, I am overwhelmed by how this has changed from a dream to reality. At my final retreat for 2007, my retreatants described it best for me:
  • Reflection: I have taken the opportunity to experience personal growth and mastery
  • Relaxation: I CAN and WILL incorporate peace and rest into my life
  • Discovery: I love staying open to the universe, because it always delivers
  • Freedom: I am continuing to evolve into the woman I am becoming

And so.......

I am Diane. I am a woman who is living my breathing patterns.I am a woman gathering continuous , connected circles.This circle has no position and no rank.This circle has relationship and certainty.This is a circle. It is more than a shape. It is a sacred space.We are connected and I am connected to you.

Coach Diane @ Breathing Patterns Coaching and Retreats