Monday, February 2, 2009

New Year with New Challenges

With January gone I now have time to resume blogging. How amazing life can be with unpredictable challenges arriving without any prior notice. 2009 came quietly for me and although there was predicted doom and gloom surrounding me, I had counted my good fortune and reflected on how I should be careful but be positive and trusting that the universe would supply me with all that I required.

How wonderful to see the first snowdrop in January and then the February snow that lay it's carpet over everything. The season is winter after all and why do we presume that global warming has forbidden nature's gift of a nurturing blanket of snow to arrive.Is there a reason to blame the authorities for being unable to keep the roads and motorways clear. We must accept that there is a much larger force able to send us challenges that are in the scheme of things, minor and slightly troublesome.What a wonderful day for having family fun; children and sleighs, snowballs and snowboarding and the birds attracted to my garden to find food supplied with love.The UK may have been forced to stop for a day but how small an inconvenience.

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([salix sam]) said...

Hi Dorothy!!

I found your blog by chance, and found incredibly!!! The work that you do is marvellous! Here, there are not 'retirements' in Brazil, if they exist they are not very much spread (ahh excuses the english bad hahahah).

Some persons in Brazil are doing a work of redemption of the Feminine Sacred,and reverence to the Nature (Women's Circles, Wiccans, Xamans etc.). We are still evolving in this aspect, but i wish that one day we could do retirements like you do.

Blessed Be